Taber Fire Department
Location: Taber, AB
Project: Fire Hall Project
Customers: Taber Fire Department
Start Date: 01/10/2019
Completion Date: 15/05/2020
Project Type: Addition
Square Foot: 8400
Building Envelope:
Features: "Due to the amount of work done already and the necessary labour VHL was able to do after the pandemic hit full stride, the facility was able to reach completion on schedule. Working with VHL as a partner in town, they really stepped up to the plate. They were able to make sure they met all of the requirements, all of their needs and were able to keep going. We were able to hit the timelines that were originally established and get us moved in within that 10-month timeframe. If we look at the $3.5 million building with an originally constructed building from 1953, adding all of the square footage, and meeting the month to month requirement. Hats off to VHL. It’s beautifully done.” - Taber Fire Chief Steve Munshaw POSTED ON JULY 1, 2020 BY TABER TIMES


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