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COMMERCIAL construction

With VHL Construction on the commercial site, we collaborate with project architects and engineers to provide realistic budgets and value-added design solutions, keeping your best interest in mind.

We have experience in this area and know the importance of teamwork to bring a successful project to completion. Almost every project will run into a situation where problem-solving is required, and that is one of our passions. We utilize research and design to move forward with the best solution for you. We believe in hard work, being upfront and honest with our customers, and never giving up. There is always a solution when you tap into the minds of the experts that we work with.

As a business grows and develops, renovations are often required. Regardless of whether these projects are minor cosmetic upgrades or major expansions, it is important that construction does not adversely affect those working at or living on the property.

We have experience in building schools, churches, stores, etc. The importance of keeping the school or the store in operation while we are working on it involves a lot of planning in order to keep the public safe during the process. Safety is very important to us and is at the forefront of all of our jobs.

At VHL, we do a lot of ongoing maintenance at different Food Plants and are educated in Food Safety. Knowing when to have the materials on site is key to perform the work when planned and meet specific schedules and deadlines.

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