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Residential Construction

At VHL Construction Ltd, we can help you build your dream home from start to finish. Tell us your ideas and we can make them a reality. Meet with one of our professional staff members to begin planning your new home today!

Our Residential Construction Services offer a partnership through which we provide you with a streamlined solution to all aspects of your building project using the newest 3-D modelling software. Instead of dealing with several contractors, engineers and trades, you work exclusively with the VHL team from start to finish. Our internal team of drafters and estimators will work with you to make your vision a reality.

There a number of things to consider when planning a new construction project, these can include finding and obtaining land, background check, lot size, soil conditions, drainage, and building permits. Working with VHL Construction Ltd from pre-planning stages through every phase of construction will help reduce stress for you, and avoid running into problems down the road.

The owners of VHL are Red Seal Journeyman Carpenters, they mentor apprentices and teach them how to build the proper way, respect the customer, and ensure professionalism.

Our team of experts are trained to create buildings with structural integrity from the ground up. From finding and obtaining land to putting the last nail, we ensure quality workmanship in everything we do. We have professionals work on everything including wiring, plumbing and venting to ensure our customers are satisfied for years to come!

We pride ourselves on having good relationships with Safety Code Inspectors, and the local sub-trades.
This brings top quality workmanship and a great return for your investment. We provide the new home
warranty and are proud to say that in over 20 years, we have not had a claim.

Residential PROJECTS

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